What is Simple Posher?

Whether you're selling on Poshmark full-time or on the side, increasing sales on a competitive platform means balancing a lot of activities to market your closet. Simple Posher makes this complex work… well, simpler! Simple Posher is one of the original automated tools for Poshmark sellers, an easy-to-use Chrome extension that does things like sharing items and following users for you. We'll take care of those tedious tasks and increase the visibility of your items to Poshmark buyers while you focus on the fun parts of your Poshmark business.

Simple Posher was one of the first Poshmark bots available. Originally created by a Poshmark seller, we bring years of experience with the platform. And we’ve never raised our price—only $9.99 a month after a 7-day free trial, making us one of the most affordable Poshmark bots out there. We continue to improve and optimize the extension as well as add new features, and we will never raise our price.

So what are you waiting for? There's nothing to lose, so try Simple Posher today!


Share Items Automatically

The best way to get your items noticed and make more sales is of course, sharing your items! And sharing others' items means they will often return the favor. With Simple Posher, you can automatically...

  • Share items from your closet, others’ closets, your main feed, categories-- anywhere with items to share.
  • Share a specified number of items or a whole page.
  • Share in reverse order to keep your closet organized.
  • Select infinite share to leave this module running until you stop it.
  • Enter keywords and Simple Posher will automatically share relevant items to parties. Or choose a category within your closet and share all of those items to the current party.
  • "Edit > next > list" items (edit sharing).

Follow and Unfollow Users

This module will help you to increase your Poshmark following by attracting new followers, which allows your items to be seen by a wider market.

  • Automatically follows all users on any user's ‘following’ or ‘followers’ pages, the homepage, parties, new Poshmark users, and anywhere else you can think of.
  • If you're trying to cut down on your followed users, you can use the unfollow feature on your closet's 'following' page.
  • Reciprocate Shares, Follows, Likes and Love Notes from Newsfeed

    Returning the favor when your items are shared by other users and following users back is a great way to stay active on Poshmark and gives your your closet an algorithmic boost.

  • This module returns items share-for-share and follows users back if you are not already following them.
  • It also also returns a share for likes and love notes you receive on your items.
  • Just scroll down your newsfeed as far as you want to go and start the module.
  • Keep Track with the Console

    The extension features a convenient console window so you can keep track of all your activity--which items were shared, who was followed or unfollowed, etc.

    ReCaptcha Adaptive, Safe to Use

    To help ensure a stress-free experience,

  • Each module in Simple Posher will stop running and send the user an alert along with a sound if a Google reCaptcha appears.
  • Simple Posher is also to designed to closely mimic human activity to minimize the appearance of Captchas altogether.
  • Pricing

    Simple Posher is free to try and only $9.99 a month afterwards--much less expensive than similar Poshmark apps and bots. We have never and will never raise our price. For this monthly fee, you receive:

    All subscriptions are managed securely through Stripe and our subscription website at simpleposher-payments.com.

    Have questions/issues or want to submit a bug?
    Fill out our customer support form here.