Terms of Service

By using the Simple Posher Chrome extension, you automatically agree to these terms.

Please read carefully.

  1. Simple Posher is independently owned and operated, and is not affiliated in any way with Poshmark or other third parties.
  2. It is your sole responsibility to comply with Poshmark terms of service and community guidelines. By using the Simple Posher extension, you agree you are doing so at your own risk.
  3. Simple Posher is not responsible for your actions on Poshmark while using the extension or otherwise, or any consequences thereof, including but not limited to temporary freezes of Poshmark functionality or or permanent banning of your Poshmark account.
  4. By using the extension, you agree not to use Simple Posher to spam or harass other users.
  5. Simple Posher does not guarantee increased Poshmark sales through use of the extension.
  6. The developer of Simple Posher does her best to fix any reported errors, however, there is no guarantee of error-free operation.
  7. All users are entitled to a one week free trial of the extension, and if they would like to continue, they must subscribe and pay a $9.99 monthly fee through the Chrome webstore.
  8. Users agree by purchasing the extension that they understand these terms and agree to pay a monthly subscription.
  9. Users can edit their payment information or cancel their subscription at any time through Google payments at payments.google.com.
  10. Refunds are offered on a conditional basis if the extension is non-functioning, at the sole discretion of the developer, after a reasonable attempt has been made to solve issues with the extension. Users with any issues are encouraged to email simpleposher@gmail.com.
  11. Simple Posher reserves the right to modify, suspend or withdraw the whole or any part of our or any of its content at any time without notice and without incurring any liability.
  12. It is your sole responsibility to check whether these terms have changed.

Privacy Policy

By using the Simple Posher Chrome extension, you automatically agree with this privacy policy.

Please read carefully.

  1. Simple Posher collects anonymous data on the use of the extension in 2 ways: number of downloads, and number of times the extension is run each day, so the developer can keep track of the extension's usage.
  2. Simple Posher keeps a secure database containing 3 pieces of non-anonymous information: your email address, your subscription level (free trial or paid), and the date you installed the extension. This is done to help troubleshoot issues with payment.
  3. Simple Posher will never share, give away, or sell any of your information to any third parties
  4. All payment information is handled through the Google Chrome webstore and Google payments. The developer of Simple Posher does not have access to your payment information. Support with the Chrome Webstore or Google Payments can be found at Google Support.